Wiener Stadtwanderwege / Hiking in Vienna

digital Map illustration

Did you know that there are a lot of city hiking trails in Vienna? They are perfect for exploring the city, enjoying nature or doing some exercises. You can find a lot of useful information (what to bring, level of difficulty etc.) about each trail online.

My maps give you an general overview about the trail and where each one is located in Vienna.

Finished Trails:

  • Stadtwanderweg 6 / Hiking Trail 6: Zugberg -Maurer Wald
  • Stadtwanderweg 7 / Hiking Trail 7: Laaer Berg
  • Stadtwanderweg 9 / Hiking Trail 9: Prater

Cover Illustration

Stadtwanderweg 6 / Hiking Trail 6: Zugberg – Maurer Wald

Length: 12,5 km
Start / Finish: Tram Station Rodaun


Stadtwanderweg 7 / Hiking Trail 7: Laaer Berg

Length: 15 km
Start / Finish: Underground 1 Station Altes Landgut

Stadtwanderweg 9 / Hiking Trail 9: Prater

Length: 12,5 km
Start / Finish: Railway Station Prater